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Pink Group

  • Sunday spins with the Pink Group are the most challenging road spins in the Club. Riders planning to ride with the Pink group should have a good level of fitness and be able to go the distance at a brisk pace. The Pink group often attracts riders who are in training for an event or race or those who want to push themselves a bit harder. Pink riders should have some previous experience of group rides.
  • Even though there is a more competitive edge to a Pink Spin it is still a group ride and the group should work together and take turns at the front especially early on in the ride as everyone warms up. Riding off the front on your own on the flat is best saved for later in the ride. Pink riders often attack the climbs so there will be splits. There will be occasional regroup points especially after bigger climbs. The group will stop to help with Punctures or Mechanicals. Some may get dropped.
  • The average speed of the Pink group is 26-31kmh on a normal spin, depending on the route.
  • The distance of a Pink spin is anywhere between 60 –100km depending on the course, weather, time of year etc. Distances may be longer if Pink group members are training for a particular event for example
  • Towards the end of a Pink spin the pace and intensity will definitely increase. This often happens in the last 10-15km where in-form riders can test their legs – and everyone else’s legs and lungs!!