Maintain your bike!

What does every cyclist need?

  • A bike – obviously!
  • Padded shorts If you’re just planning on very short cycle rides, to the office or college, for example, you can get by just fine with regular clothes. There’s no need to wear anything special. If you want to get into road cycling properly and tackle some longer distances, perhaps even enter a sportive or join your local club, a really good investment is a pair of padded shorts. Your bum will thank you.
  • A helmet
  • A phone in case of emergency
  • A water bottle and cage

Getting better? You may need more gear

  • A cycling jersey –a cycling-specific jersey is made from a fabric designed to keep you cool in the heat, and keep you dry when you break a sweat. They also have a long zip for ventilation, and three rear pockets for carrying food and other supplies that you might need on longer trips.
  • Nobody plans to puncture, but they do happen from time to time, so it’s worth being prepared so you don’t have to phone home for a lift. You should carry a spare inner tube, tyre levers and a pump. You can carry all in a jersey pocket or backpack, or better still carry the inner tube in a saddle bag.
  • If you are really getting into cycling and doing regular rides, you’ll want to keep the chain well oiled so the gears work smoothly and quietly.

Want to get better?  – go high tech

Bike computer – cycle computers can tell you the distance you have covered, average and max speeds, how much climbing you’ve done, and other measurements like cadence and heart rate.

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